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TSW Bardo Wheels


Model Number: TSW-Bardo

Note: Wondering why you don't see any prices listed? Many of our prices are too low to publicly advertise. Please call today for a quote:(909) 869-5681

Finish Selected: Silver

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Product Description

Upgrading your vehicle's wheels and tires is the easiest way to upgrade your car's looks and performance. The TSW Bardo Wheels is the wheel choice for the enthusiasts who wants a wheel upgrade but doesn't want an overly aggressive styled wheel. TSW Wheels is one the the most popular aftermarket wheel companies in the World so you know you are getting the highest quality products for your car. The TSW Bardo wheels are available in a variety of different wheel sizes and offsets, so please give our expert wheel consultants a call at (909) 869-5681 so we can make sure you get the perfect fitment for your vehicle. These wheels are available in a Hyper Silver, Matte Black, and Chrome finish so you can match your individual taste in style. If you are interested in creating a wheel and tire package for the TSW Bardo wheels, please make sure you give us a call at (909) 869-5681 so that we can make sure your wheels are ready to go right out of the box.


Why Are Prices Not Shown?

Many of our customers frequently ask us why our prices are not show. They are not shown because often our prices are too low to be shown. Call today for a quote on the TSW wheels you desire. Please keep in mind we also offer wheel and tire packages that can be shipped to your door for maximum convienence.

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  • TSW Bardo Wheels
  • BMW 3 Series | Matte Black
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